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Emlyn McFarland


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Emlyn Morinelli McFarland actress and voiceover artist
Emlyn Morinelli McFarland Voiceover Artist and Actress, photo by Lyla Duey Photography.


Hi, I'm Emlyn.

A bit about me... I graduated (a little while ago now) with a BFA in performing arts from Emerson College (sheesh...time flies!!!)  I then started putting all that stuff I learned in college to practice! I have had some wonderful experiences so far, singing with the chorus of the Boston Lyric Opera was amazing as was a six month stint in Singapore dubbing some really terrific and some really crazy cartoons into English. After that experience I was hooked on being a voiceover artist.

I've had the pleasure of voicing some great shows for PBS and Nickelodeon and of course Pokemon (which is most impressive when in a room of 9 year olds. I felt like a rock star!) I've also really enjoyed working on commercial spots for companies such as Hanes, Revlon, Trip Advisor, Royal Caribbean, Dunkin' Donuts and Nintendo. I have also always loved studying and performing improv and sketch comedy. I've had the pleasure of performing with various theaters and groups all around the united states including The Second City, The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, The Magnet Theater and the fabulous Freestyle Repertory Theater; where we not only performed but also taught children the importance of theater and the arts which was not only amazingly rewarding but also some of the most fun I've ever had at any job. I've had the pleasure of working on the Netflix series House of Cards and the Emmy Award winning HBO show VEEP.  I've been in three Pennsylvania Lottery commercials, the third is currently airing. I was thrilled to have a part in the movie "Split", by director M.Night Shyamalan. It's just a small part but getting the chance to work on a movie set, being directed by such an amazing and kind director was something I'll never forget. I won't tell you anymore in case you haven't seen the movie...I'll just say my scene is the surprise ending.

And of course I'm most proud to be the mom of Adelaide and Isabelle who are my favorite people on earth and who make me laugh and learn something new every day.

Now...I'm just looking forward to see what comes next!!!

Thanks for visiting my site, enjoy a look around and don't forget to contact me to introduce yourself or just to say hello!!!



"Emlyn has recorded narration for literally dozens of our online learning products: her voice is engaging and pleasant to listen to, and she can make the driest content sound interesting!  She’s able to narrate in a range of styles, and has played specific characters for online scenarios, following direction about what a particular character should convey. She works to budget and deadline, turns around pickups on tight schedules, and is always clear and professional in her communication."

- Suzanne Vargo  //  Distance Learning Technology Specialist at American Institutes for Research

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